• Marriage without a ring: 5 original alternatives to an engagement ring or wedding ring

    Marriage is traditionally still the ultimate way to show your love to the world and to seal it for eternity. When two people pledge their devotion to each other it often involves a ring. However, more and more couples choose to get married without a ring. After all, there are many alternatives. A wedding ring [...] More
  • matting jewellery

    How to take care for your jewelry: the ultimate guide

    Jewelry is often one of our most precious and beautiful possession. When wearing one of your favorite pieces around your neck, finger or arm, you want to keep it in the best condition possible. Precious metals such as silver and gold, however, are regularly the victim of small scratches and damages. Gemstones can lose the [...] More
  • 4 hacks to take your jewelry with you on your summer holiday

    Do you have a holiday planned? Can’t wait to pack your bags? Then you probably focus on the practical luggage: medication, chargers, mobile phones and passports. But a girl can dream, so when packing for your next trip, it’s not unusual your mind jumps to your holiday outfits and the jewelry that matches them. Which [...] More
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