• Mannenjuwelen Ines Bouwen

    The attractive force of men’s jewelry

    These days, the concept of masculinity is under heavy pressure. How does one define a man? Is it the beard, the mustache, the six-pack? The consensus seems to be that masculinity is all about self-awareness. Make conscious choices, let your strength shine from within and be yourself – without restraint. Let’s get rid of gender [...] More
  • Engagement and wedding rings: the hottest trends for the warmest moments

    Now that the end of crises, pandemics and restrictions lingers at the horizon, many lovers are impatiently waiting to fulfil their wedding and engagement plans. Therefore, in this 'month of love', this special is dedicated to wedding rings and engagement rings. May they be a source of inspiration for you or your partner. You can [...] More
  • No more socks underneath the Christmas tree this year

    Streets filled with atmospheric lights, a Christmas tree in the living room, a joyful corny movie on television and cheerful music on the radio: with Christmas and New Year just around the corner, the most wonderful time of the year is ahead of us. The only thing missing under the Christmas tree, are gifts that [...] More
  • 6 tips to pick out the perfect engagement ring

    6 tips to pick out the perfect engagement ring

    The moment is finally there: you found the love of your life and want to make the next move by asking her to marry you. However, one of the most challenging tasks proceeds this question: finding the perfect engagement ring that fits your partner’s taste and sense of style. Not yet a clear idea of [...] More
  • Personalized jewelry as the perfect gift

    Are you looking for a unique gift for a birthday or anniversary? Do you want to celebrate a remarkable friendship or the bond with your father, mother, brother or sister? Personalized jewelry says more than words can ever express. It becomes even more special when your gift includes a personal message, initials, a meaningful date [...] More
  • Which jewelry to pick to match your wedding dress?

    Which jewelry to pick to match your wedding dress?

    Your wedding day is one of the most beautiful and most memorable days of your life and since you’re the center of attention, you want to shine like there is no tomorrow. What nobody tells you beforehand though, is that the most difficult part starts after choosing your wedding dress. How do you complete your [...] More
  • Thumbnail The 10 jewelry trends you need to know for Summer and Fall 2020

    The 10 jewelry trends you need to know for Summer and Fall 2020

    Jewelry is the perfect detail to complete any look and turn it into a unique masterpiece. Many men and women cannot leave their house without their favorite necklace, bracelet or ring. Without their jewelry, they feel less themselves. Timeless pieces that withstand the ages or regularly changing your fixed set of jewelry, it is what [...] More
  • Minimalist birth jewelry

    Birth jewelry: gifts for new moms

    Birth is one of the most intimate events in one’s life. After nine months of patience and waiting, a family receives the most beautiful gift one can imagine. Yet this gift requires blood, sweat and tears. To show appreciation for the enormous effort of their other half, to commemorate and cherish the birth and to [...] More
  • Mixing and matching: combining gold and silver

    Do you closely follow the jewelry trends? Well, then you obviously know that it used to be ‘not done’ to combine gold and silver jewelry in the past. Many people are convinced that the material and brilliance clash. Yet, on the contrary. Mixing and matching the right pieces creates a tasteful and elegant combination. The [...] More
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