During these times, we would like to offer an extra service to our clients. You can request dummy wedding rings to try on at home before purchasing your wedding rings. This way, it’s not necessary to come to our store but you can still have a similar experience. After all, picking out wedding rings should be a well-considered choice. So how does it work?

How does it work?

Take a good look at our wedding ring collection and make a first selection based on the images and the product information like width, number of diamonds and price. This way, you can make a thoughtful decision.

If you have an idea of your favourites, fill in the request form on this page. We will then contact you about which steps to take next; you will receive all details to transfer a deposit of €600. You can request a maximum of 5 pairs of wedding rings. Once the payment is done, we will send you the dummy* wedding rings.

  • Please return the rings within two weeks of receipt.
  • Shipping costs are €20, returning is free.
  • Please mention your bank account number in the form so that we can refund your deposit.
  • If you decide to order the wedding rings, you will receive a discount code to the value of the deposit and the shipping costs.

*These dummy rings are not made of gold and are only used to show the design. These rings are not intended to be worn as a wedding ring. They are only available in one color; white rhodium. Only available in one size.

Request your dummy wedding rings

What happens next?

When you have filled in the form, we will personally contact you about all further details of the process.

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