• Thumbnail The 10 jewelry trends you need to know for Summer and Fall 2020

    The 10 jewelry trends you need to know for Summer and Fall 2020

    Jewelry is the perfect detail to complete any look and turn it into a unique masterpiece. Many men and women cannot leave their house without their favorite necklace, bracelet or ring. Without their jewelry, they feel less themselves. Timeless pieces that withstand the ages or regularly changing your fixed set of jewelry, it is what [...] More
  • Minimalist birth jewelry

    Birth jewelry: gifts for new moms

    Birth is one of the most intimate events in one’s life. After nine months of patience and waiting, a family receives the most beautiful gift one can imagine. Yet this gift requires blood, sweat and tears. To show appreciation for the enormous effort of their other half, to commemorate and cherish the birth and to [...] More
  • Mixing and matching: combining gold and silver

    Do you closely follow the jewelry trends? Well, then you obviously know that it used to be ‘not done’ to combine gold and silver jewelry in the past. Many people are convinced that the material and brilliance clash. Yet, on the contrary. Mixing and matching the right pieces creates a tasteful and elegant combination. The [...] More
  • An intimate wedding in times of corona

    Getting married with the necessary hustle and bustle in the time of corona? You better think twice. In many European countries, the government wants to prevent a further outbreak of the disease by limiting the amount of spectators attending weddings. Often solely the bride, groom, maid of honor and best man can be a witness [...] More
  • Wat doe je met de trouwring na het overlijden van een geliefde?

    What to do with the wedding ring after death of spouse?

    There are various options for transforming your partners' wedding ring into a new wearable jewel. You can transform the wedding ring into a new ring that you can wear, or it can be meaningful to make a memory ring out of both of your rings. This new jewel tells the story of you and your [...] More
  • What should a wedding ring cost?

    What should a wedding ring cost?

    What should a wedding ring cost? So there you are, the newly engaged couple, at home, sitting on the couch, scrolling through Pinterest trying to figure out what kind of wedding ring you want to wear for the rest of your life. Yes, the rest of your life! An important choice. But what budget should [...] More
  • Men’s rings: men say it with jewelry as well

    Men’s rings: men say it with jewelry as well Did you notice already? The contemporary man loves fashion and also likes to dot the I’s and cross the t’s of his outfit with nice accessories. And without any doubt, a men’s ring is the perfect fit. A ring for men namely is an extension of [...] More
  • A one of a kind inscription for your wedding rings

    Through the years, we’ve seen many wedding rings and inscriptions passing by. The classic way to engrave your wedding rings, is by putting your (nick)names and wedding date into the band. This timeless engravement never goes out of style and is a memory to keep for a lifetime. However, we notice that many people actually [...] More
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    6 wedding ring shopping tips to help you find the perfect ring

    Did the love of your life recently get down on one knee, are you sitting on cloud nine and does your wedding date slowly but steadily come closer? In the hectic chaos of organizing a wedding, one would almost forget to buy wedding rings. A small – yet greatly important – detail to provide the [...] More
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